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How can you get 1000 paying players a day from Russian social networks

Everyone always need more gold. Especially, when it comes to attracting a paying audience in their games and applications.
Every specialist must complete the KPI. And now, you need to understand how to perform it?
You can use existing marketing channels, you can attract the contractors to optimize existing or go beyond the standard channels and countries.

The audience is always limited, and the auction is growing. We need to use in the practice new social networks and countries to find new and paying players.
We are always working on three audiences, which could be drawn:
• New players
• Active players
• Paying players

In most cases, we primarily focus on Facebook, which attracted the audience. It’s time to look at the wider market and to consider the local social network. There are two countries, which actively developed its social network: China and Russia.
You should pay attention to Russian social network that is fully open to international brands. They almost monopolized the CIS countries, and they are actively developing in Europe.

VK has at least 88 per cent of monthly active users. Social network is actively used by 46, 9 million people monthly, and daily active custom audience is about 22, 1 million people. The second Russian social network Odnoklassniki, which covers monthly 60% of Runet users.

According to TNS Web Index, the level of VK and OK users’ wealth is much higher than it is at FB.  It is interesting to notice that the number of VK audience with “good wealth” is twice as much as American competitor has.

We miss sight of the huge potential market and the channel, which can involve daily by 1000 new paying players. But, as elsewhere, there are obstacles to entering the Russian social network. Their advertising offices are not perfect.

You need to exert effort and time to get the desired result. For this reason, there was a separate branch: automation and optimization of targeted advertising. It can reduce the cost of the “paid user” in 2-5 times.

The second article will reveal the possibilities of automation.

Повышайте отдачу от таргетированной рекламы в 2-5 раз и автоматизируйте ручной труд

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