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How can you increase ARPU by 2-5 times using the optimization target

Russian social networks’ audience is estimated at over 250 million users. They cover all the CIS countries and are practically a monopolist in this market. They are also actively expanding globally. They have a huge audience, which means you can attract it with the help of targeted advertising, but like always – it’s not that easy. Let’s examine the problems and find solutions.

You attract traffic using the CPI, CPC or CPM model. More precisely, most advertisers are now focused on the CPM model and optimizing channel sources through LTV and ARPU.

Only money and active players matter, as the rest is a dark hole, that can eat your budget.

Facebook advertising account is focused on return on investment from advertising  as much as possible. Unfortunately, advertising accounts in Vkontakte and MyTarget are not so oriented on the maximum return from your mobile advertising.

You will have to create manually each ad, track the effectiveness of advertising campaigns within the trackers or Google Analytics. You won’t receive the necessary intelligence to optimize campaigns, and will have to manage the ad campaigns manually. It sounds like a nightmare, right?

Automation of the Russian market is not an advantage, but a necessity for the targeted advertising management.

Now let’s see what are the steps in the automation and optimization that can increase ARPU of the attracted players/users:

1. Mass ads creation.

We need to quickly find ads that work.

While split-testing, we have to use not just to 2-4 ads, but 100-150, to find the perfect image and title for the specific target audience. Inside the automatoin services there are constructors that combine multiple different elements and, thus, quickly create many ads with different targetings. In 5-10 minutes you can get 500-1000 ads and full can be sure that you will find the best ad with lowest cost and maximum efficiency.

2. Ads optimization using the data from the trackers and Google Analytics

We should analyze our ads from the viewpoint of money, all the rest are intermediate values.

You can optimize your ads by CPI, but there are still players and platforms on the market that try to add a bit of fraud to the traffic. Therefore, optimisation of in-app purchases or LTV of the user is always important to advertisers. The system allows you to quickly integrate with most popular web analytics and trackers. It is particularly convenient to implement our own pixel, which allows to send postbacks to us and  track the effectiveness of custom key actions. It is time to focus on the LTV and ARPU.

3. Find out the efficiency of each title, image, view hours and any other parameter of your ad.

Stop the inefficient advertisements with the help of analysis.

You will agree, that the more data there is, the more possibilities for optimization of targeted advertisement exist. We transform our advertisements from rocks to diamonds using iterated optimisation of each element and targeting that you are using. Inside our platform all the data that exists both inside and outside of ad accounts is collected and used later. You can’t analyze titles or pictures manually and cannot know the best time of day for conversion, too. Unfortunately, advertising cabinets provide statistics only for the ads as a whole. And we need to break it down. Analyse in detail your advertising campaigns and find out what exactly kills your conversion.

4. Create your own strategies for advertising management.

Transfer advertisement management to our platform and reduce customer costs by 2 to 5 times.

The topping of the iceberg of optimization and aumomation – are custom or predefined strategies for advertising management.

If your CTR drops, it is necessary to slightly increase the CPM bid and add “fresh audience” to your advertising campaigns, but do not forget to set a maximum CPM bound, where we get the optimum value of paying player. We always need to maintain a balance between the amount of traffic, and its cost.

Of course the most popular strategy is the CPA management, where we just focus on the desired target value, and if your audience or creatives are “burned out”, then the platform will automatically stop your ads so that advertising campaign won’t go negative.

Choose any of the parameters, create your own strategies and let the platform do the task of managing your advertising campaigns.

It’s time to explore the possibilities of automation and optimization of targeted advertising. Russian social networks + automation = maximum return on investment.

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